Rogan Chicken Curry


Ingredients : 
Chicken  : 1kg 
Vegetable Oil  : 2 tbsp 
Vlarified Butter (Ghee)  : 0.30 cup
Yogurt  : 2 cups 
Leaves  : 2 Bay
Onions : 3 medium
Masala for sauce  :
Cinnamon Sticks (flat)  : 1/2 inch
Aniseed (Saunf)  : 11/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds (Cumin, Jeera)  : 1 tsp 
 Dry Red Chili  : 4 medium
Cloves (Whole)  : 5 PCS
Ginger Paste  : 2 tsp 
Saffron  : 1 pinch
Salt to taste


* Cut chicken into large pieces.
* Roughly chop onions and fry in oil, until brown. Then, make them into a paste.
* Heat ghee in a wide skillet and fry chicken pieces, on high heat, until brown. 
* Add yogurt and cook on high heat until all of it is absorbed and the meat looks dry. 
* Grind together the "masala for sauce" ingredients and add the mixture to the above. 
* Add 1 cup water and cook for fifteen minutes on low heat, until, you see oil coming to the top.
* Add salt to taste, bay leaf, onion paste and fry for five minutes on medium heat.