Hot Delight

Alaska Salmon - Sweet Potato Cakes

Alaska Canned Salmon, thoroughly drained         : 118 oZ
Canned or frozen sweet potatoes, drained and mashed       : 80 oz
Eggs, beaten      : 14 oz
Green onions, thinly sliced        : 3 oz
Dried bread crumbs      : 1/2 cup
Ground coriander        : 3 tbsp
White pepper       : 2 tsp
All-purpose flour      : As needed
Pecans, finely chopped  : As needed
Butter or margarine    : As needed
Prepared peach or mango chutney   : 96 oz

Method :
  1. In mixing bowl, blend salmon, sweet potatoes, eggs, dried bread crumbs, coriander and white pepper. (Add more bread crumbs if mixture is too moist to form patties.)
  2. For each serving use two 1/2-cup (#8) scoops to form 2 to 3 inch patties. Dust patties with flour and coat with pecan bits. Refrigerate, if needed until service. Repeat with remaining mixture.
  3. In lightly buttered non-stick skillet, brown two patties on both sides. Serve with 1/2 cup chutney.