Yummy Mexcican

Chilli Rellenos

Ingredients :
For the chilli rellenos :
Green chillies (capsicum style, broad and short) : 25
Paneer  : 225gms
Onion : 1
Hot sauce  : 1recipe
Oil for deep frying : 1 lr
Grated cheese : 4 tbsp
salt to taste                                                                                                      
For the hot sauce 
Red tomatoes : 1 kg
Red dry chillies : 6
Onion, chopped : 1
Ajwain : 1/4 tsp
Sugar : 3tsp
Oil 2tsp

For the batter :
Maida :               2 teacup
Water : 2 teacup
Baking powder : 2tsp
Salt to taste


Method :
  • Cut the paneer and onion finely, mix together and put salt.
  • Cut off the tops of the chillies and scoop out the centers.
  • Put in boiling salted water for 1 minute and then drain the chillies.
  • Stuff the chillies with the paneer mixture. 
  • Combine all the ingredients of the batter. Dip the chillies into the batter and deep fry in hot oil. 
  • Pour the boiling hot sauce over the fried chillies and serve with grated cheese.

For the hot sauce :
  • Soak the chillies in ½ teacup of water for 15 minutes. 
  • Heat the oil in a vessel and sauté the onions for some time.
  • Put the tomatoes and the chillies (with the water) and cook till the tomatoes becomes soft. 
  • Blend the mixture in a liquidiser and strain the sauce.
  • Put the ajwain, sugar and salt and boil for 10 minutes.