Mexican Delight

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

Ingredients :
Cocoa : 1 tbsp
Sugar : 1 tbsp
Powdered cinnamon : 1/2 tsp
Salt : a pinch
Milk : 4 tea cups
Vanilla essence : 3/4 tsp
Fresh cream : 100 gms

Method :
  • Combine the cocoa, sugar, cinnamon and salt in 
  • a bowl. 
  • Heat 1 teacup of the milk in a vessel. 
  • When it starts boiling, put the cocoa mixture and beat until the mixture become smooth.
  • Put the rest of the milk and heat on a slow flame. Stir in the vanilla and add the cream.

How to serve :
  • Before serving, beat with a rotary beater till it becomes frothy.