Minced meat (finely minced) 500 Gramss " 500 Grams
Onion " 200 grams
 Green. Chili  " 6 pcs
Ginger and Garlic paste " 2 Teaspoon
Cinnamon: 1″ piece one " 4 pcs
Cloves " 1 Teaspoon
Aniseed "
Curry leaves  "  2 Sprigs
Coriander leaves  " 1 Small Bunch
Puffed Bengal Gram Dhal ( Pottu kadalai )   " 20 Grams
Coconut Gratings  " 0.25 Cup
One Egg " 1 Teaspoon
Salt " 1 Teaspoon
Turmeric Powder "
Oil " 0.5 Cup

*Chop the Onions, G. Chili, Clean the Coriander leaves, curry leaves.
*Out of the raw minced meat, take one fifth of it (approximately 100 grams) and keep it aside.
*Take one table spoon oil in a pressure cooker and heat it. First add the aniseed, cinnamon and cloves.
*Then Fry the chopped Onions and g. chili along with ginger, garlic paste,  curry leaves and Coriander leaves.
*Add the salt, turmeric powder and the minced meat (nearly 400 grams)  with a cup of water. 
*Close the lid and cook it for 7,8 mins.
*Use the blender to grind the Coconut gratings, Puffed Bengal gram dhal and the uncooked minced meat, 
*Then add the cooked (cool) minced meat with the masala and mash it together well in the blender. 
*Beat the egg and add half of it to the mashed meat.   
*Make small round balls smaller than a lime and you will get nearly 50 mutton balls.
*Take 25 numbers of this and fry them in hot oil. 
*The remaining  you can use them for mutton ball curry .