Ingredients :
Surmai fish  * 6-8 thickish slices
Lemons,  * 3 juice extracted
Chilly powder * 1 1/2 tsp
Oil as required salt to taste *
Ginger * 25 grm
Cloves * 8 pcs
Black cardamoms * 20 grm
Cinnamon * 20 grm 
Cumin seeds * 15 grm
Ani seeds * 25 grm 
Peppercorns * 8 corns
Method :
* Wash the Surmai slices very nicely with water and place them  on a layer of papers so that the water
    gets absorbed in the paper. 
* Pound finely ginger, cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon, cumin and   aniseed powders and peppercorns. 
* Mix these in the lime juice along with chilly powder and salt to taste in the mixture for half an hour. 
* Cover the fish slices with this mixture and let them marinate thus soaked 
* Place a frying pan on fire and fry these slices two or three at a time by adding oil as required. 
* When they are fried brown and crisp serve them directly from the pan with any chutney.